Monday, February 20, 2012

How I See It

I am not big on most internet memes. I like blogthings, because it's fun to have a theme to write about sometimes, and having a template makes it easy to just focus on your points instead of writing cohesive paragraphs. And every so often I'll see a graphic going around that makes me laugh. But there's one happening lately that I really love, and I have been collecting versions of it left and right. 
Some are geekier than others. Some are only mildly amusing if you're not part of the group they're depicting, but some are funny anyway (I think the Zumba and tech support ones are hilarious). 

 In the first place, it helps that these graphics are pretty well done. The pictures are generally fantastic (and how is that happening so consistently, by the way? Is there some kind of committee?) with good comic effect. 

But I think a big part of why I like them is that there's actually something to them beyond just the funny. They focus on perception and awareness, highlighting how differently we all see each other and ourselves. In a really optimistic sense, this kind of humor is the stuff that could help us all become a little more understanding and accepting of each other. (Have I ruined the fun yet?)

There are at least a zillion more out there, plus probably more I haven't seen. What are your favorites?


  1. I've seen those around on the internet- they're pretty true for the most part! I agree, it's a fun way to put some thoughts out there in a non-offensive way (or if you are offended, then that's your problem)- general use of you, not just Miri-specific you!

  2. More:

    And also, the first one ever! Which is more awesome than you would have thought: