Friday, February 29, 2008

Facebook Rant

I guess I should probably warn you, this video appears to have been made by Brits. There are a few swear words (bleeped and asterisked out) and one quite awkward slide that I remember.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Grossest Thing I've Done Today:

watched how hot dogs are made with Mike. ew, ew, and--once again--ew. it is SO GROSS.

and yet... suddenly i want a hot dog. :(

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ooooour couch, in the middle of the street! ooooour couch!

our new/ugly couch! we put it out on the sidewalk in front of their house and just chilled out there for like an hour. it was great because the weather was beautiful, it was all sunny and warm and people were out walking their dogs and kids were riding their bikes and candice brought cillian and mia out and it was good times!

here is a closeup of the pattern. we'll be covering it as soon as we get a chance... probably not until we move into our apartment (wherever that is).
cillian and mia and me! for clarification purposes, i am not about to bonk cillian on the head. i was just trying to keep the sun out of his eyes and because of the way he was sitting on my arm i couldn't stretch out my fingers.

the end!

at Megan's request...

the other night I had a dream where I was in the Lion King, and at different times in the dream I was Simba, Mufasa, and Scar. don't ask me why, but Megan thought that was hilarious. (jk--I think it's pretty funny too.) :)

p.s.--just in case anyone would like to get this coupon in the mail... :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

also YAY....

i'm so excited! mike and i just bought our first piece of furniture!

so there's been this really ugly couch on sale at the Orem Public Library for like two weeks. it started out at $75, which was a really good price but we didn't have the money just then. apparently it hung out there for a while, went down to $50 and didn't sell, because we were there tonight and it was $25. so we bought it! because seriously--ugly or no, $25 is ridiculously good for a full-sized sofa, and we can totally put a cover over it really easily! so i'm really excited and i just had to share! yay!


Feb 25
Rain / Snow Showers
40°/30° 50%
Feb 26
Partly Cloudy
41°/26° 20%
Feb 27
Partly Cloudy
45°/32° 10%
Feb 28
Partly Cloudy
44°/30° 10%
Feb 29
Partly Cloudy
47°/35° 10%
Mar 1
48°/30° 10%
Mar 2
Partly Cloudy
44°/23° 20%
Mar 3
Partly Cloudy
44°/26° 0%
Mar 4
Snow Shower
42°/29° 60%
Mar 5
Partly Cloudy
45°/29° 10%

I cannot even express how happy this makes me!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

holy crap! i saw this on daniel's facebook page and i laughed for like an hour! i'm still laughing! i'm sitting in the living room, by myself, laughing so hard i'm crying! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cast a spell on the country you run...

I don't know if any of you have gotten into this yet, but you really should. I've been reading up on all the presidential candidates over the past few days, and what I've found out has really surprised me. I've discovered that I actually like Hillary and Obama a lot, and that at this point I'm more likely to vote for one of them than for one of the Republican candidates. I've discovered that Mike Huckabee annoys the crap out of me in some ways, but also has some ideas I like. And I've discovered that John McCain looks vaguely like Steve Martin.

Here are the pages from each of their websites that talk about their policies:

Policies I Love:
Obama--civil rights. higher education. foreign policy. credit card bill of rights. not so much a policy, but his speech on faith. it's so good.
Hillary--education. ending the war in Iraq. college access reforms.
Huckabee--education. pro-life. taxes. judges. Israel. :)
McCain--banning email/cell phone taxes. judges.

Policies I Hate:
Huckabee--all that crap about the second amendment. immigration. the war in Iraq.
McCain--the war in Iraq. that annoying picture of him as a young, attractive kid in the military that really should not be part of his campaign.
Hillary--again, not so much a policy, but Hillary seems to do more of the opponent bashing than anyone else does (as far as I've seen). not cool.

Policies I Probably Couldn't Care Less About:
McCain--the space program.

Anyway, I just thought this was interesting, and that I'd like to share it. I've probably spent several hours reading through these campaign websites now--which, by the way, I'd just like to say is a very nice feeling; this is the first election where I've really known what the issues were and what the candidates had to say about them. I like it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Mike Huckabee's stance on education:

"Music and the arts are not extraneous, extra-curricular, or expendable - I believe they are essential. I want to provide every child these 'Weapons of Mass Instruction.'"


and also ew.

(clarificaton: I completely agree with his position. I just can't believe that phrase.)

His Dark Materials

Lots of blog postage today! Although technically this will say it's tomorrow. But don't you let it fool you, cause it's really not. Not while I'm writing it, at least. But it is tomorrow when you are reading it, so you can believe it about that. :)

I just wanted to say that I finished reading The Golden Compass today and it is really, really good. It's about 400 pages but I read it really fast, in something like a couple of days. I'm excited to start The Subtle Knife, which I'm probably going to go buy tomorrow because it's only $7.50 and these books are hard to get a hold of at the libraries. Besides that I just like to own books, especially when I'm already sure I'll like them. And I should probably get The Amber Spyglass while I'm at it, although I may have to talk myself into waiting until I'm ready to read it before I spend the money on it. Not that it'll be long...

In case you're wondering, I haven't gotten to any of the controversial stuff yet--there was only one part where they were "quoting" a scripture from the Bible that was pretty much verbatim except for the parts where they inserted things about daemons, and that was weird. But atheism or not, I'm really excited to read the rest of the books. They're so exciting and they go just as quickly as watching the movie. And they are really well written. I think that I can safely recommend at least the first one to anyone, cause it's great. I'll keep you posted on the rest of them. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Soapbox.

Something I've been thinking about:

A little while ago we were all sitting in the living room (and I do mean all--Lili, Sam, Jared, Jennie, Whitney, Megan, Marci, Mike, and me) talking about things, and someone (I think Lili) said something about political correctness and we started talking about it.

I mentioned a billboard that I saw somewhere on State Street in Provo, I think, that said something like 'political correctness' is destroying our country... And Lili and I said that we agree with it. Whitney said that she didn't think so, that she thought political correctness was a good thing. We didn't get into the conversation because there were several others going on at the same time and it didn't seem like a good time.

But I've thought about this conversation since then. And just now, I was reading one of Barack Obama's speeches, and I started thinking about it again. And here is what I've decided:

Political correctness IS destroying our society--
it is
respect that people want, and the two are not the same thing.

Being "politically correct" isn't about caring for people, and it's not about equality and non-discrimination. It's about covering your back so you don't get sued. Or shot. 

Political correctness is what prevents talking about religion in school, praying before football games, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance the way we learned it. It's what allows Governor Schwarzenegger to pass legislation saying that kids can choose what gender they identify with and then use that bathroom, locker room, dressing room, etc., and that teachers aren't allowed to use words like mom, dad, husband, wife, and parents (because let's make having two straight parents a taboo). It's what allows the "promoters of alternative lifestyles" free reign to, in the name of not having someone else's lifestyle imposed upon them, do exactly that to others.

So are you really going to tell me that telling teachers they aren't allowed to use what are very likely the first two words they ever learned in their classrooms is really about promoting respect of gay people?

I don't think so.

None of this is about respect. It's not. Respect is mutual, first of all, and doesn't force one side to sit back and let the other side tell them what they are and are not allowed to say and do.

Respect is not enforceable. You can't sue someone for not respecting you, and why should anyone have the right to do it? This life isn't about making other people do what you want. Sure, that's what we've made it about. But that doesn't mean it's right, and it doesn't mean we should continue barreling on mindlessly in that direction.

But that's what "political correctness" has done. It's made good people have to constantly apologize for and hide their beliefs, and it's given everyone else free reign to walk all over them. Because that's equality--taking something away from someone because someone else doesn't believe in it. That's what our country is about.

So no, I don't think that political correctness is a good thing. I think that respect is a good thing, and that political correctness is a false virtue the devil is using to twist society around and turn it against us.

Oh My Gosh.

And now, the gory details of my worst experience at a fast food restaurant ever.

Tonight we went to a place that will remain unnamed for the sake of not destroying everyone's desire to go there. I've been there before and it was great, but not tonight.

First of all, we waited for several minutes for someone to come to the register and take our order. It was a kid Mike knew, so that was fun, and he felt extra bad for him throughout the whole ordeal to come. Clearly the kid does not deal well with stress. While we were ordering some other people came up to the register to complain about their food which wasn't right (I got the impression it was the second time they'd complained about it). So that was awkward, and interruptive of our ordering.

Then we waited for a super long time, which was okay at first because they have a sign saying good food's worth the wait, blah blah blah, so we were expecting it. But it was quite, quite a long time. Then the kid came out and had our stuff on a tray, when we'd asked for it to go. As he turned around he dropped the burger on the floor. So he went back and we waited for a long time for our food to come back.

It finally did, in bags, but we were missing one of our scones. So we waited, again for a very long time, and finally Mike went up to the register and then, a while later, they came out with the scone. They'd thrown in an extra one for all the waiting. So we finally, finally left, after at least half an hour there.

We got home and found out that they hadn't given us the burger, they'd given us a scone. So we ended up with three cold scones, no burger, fries (which were half gone because I was starving and had to eat some while we were there; and I do mean starving, like, weak and shaky and nauseated with hunger, so the waiting was not super awesome), and my taco salad thing, which was cold and un-warm-up-able, because there was lettuce and tomato on the top that would have been gross if it'd been microwaved.

So. I am still painfully hungry, Mike is upset because he didn't get a burger and had to split my taco salad (which was not large) with me, and we have two scones still sitting on the table because they weren't very good. Basically, a horrible experience all around. The end.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Volume Two.

I felt that I should have a volume 2, since I called the first one volume 1. So, in celebration of yesterday's much-beloved holiday...

Things to Postpone Getting Back to Work. Volume One.

1. I am in the library and my back hurts from sitting in this chair.
2. I can hear the Star-Spangled Banner from inside here, and I'm wondering why it's playing a full seven minutes before 5:30. I was pretty sure it always played right at 5:30, but maybe I wasn't ever paying close enough attention to notice that it wasn't. Hmm.
3. For any of you who are curious (and I know at least a couple of you have asked me about it in the past), Bro. Christensen finally got back to me, so we are now planning on using their backyard for our reception. Good times. :)
4. I don't know who ever started that thing about the periodicals section being where people go to check other people out, but I've worked down here several times and have never noticed this to be the case. Urban myth? I think so.
5. Can anything that takes place on BYU campus really be called an "urban" anything? This is a valid question.
6. If anyone wants a book to make them feel really good, try one of these: Creating Affluence, by Deepak Chopra, and You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. They are both fantastic but I'd recommend Creating Affluence first, just because it's tiny and you can read it in about an hour. Louise is a VERY feel-good book though, and it makes you really excited because she basically tells you that you can make absolutely anything you want happen in your life. You Can Heal Your Life is a little longer, but I think it has more potential to really change a person's life; and still, the reading goes quickly. Just thought I'd share.
7. I never did anything to commemorate my 100th blog post. I started that 100 things I still have to do before the wedding post, but it was too big a pain to finish it. I shall think of something else to do... 100 movies that I really like, perhaps? 100 words that I like/dislike? 100 songs I love? 100 words that start with a certain letter? 100 pictures that I think are ridiculously cool? 100 books I have read, or 100 books I want to read? Now that I think about it, the possibilities are quite nearly endless.
8. My butt hurts from sitting in this chair.
9. The library should have more comfortable chairs at the tables. I don't care if this would decrease productivity. If people can't be productive in a comfortable chair, well that's just their own problem. Ergonomicness > productivity.
10. I would like to take a moment to make fun of people who use internet acronyms seriously. Sorry, all, especially if you are offended by said making fun of people who use it seriously. I am not in the mood to apologize for my rudeness. Perhaps another time.
11. For your (just kidding--MY) entertainment: a sampling of internet acronyms and their ridiculous meanings.
  • IMHO- in my humble opinion
  • AFAICT- as far as I can tell
  • ACRONYM- abbreviated coded rendition of name yielding meaning (seriously??)
  • AWGTHTGTATA- are we going to have to go through all this again
  • ROFLASTC- rolling on the floor laughing and scaring the cat (in case anyone is curious, there are over 75 different versions of the acronym that begins with "rolling on the floor laughing." no lie.)
  • OATUS- on a totally unrelated subject
  • TAFT- that's a frightening thought
  • DILLIC- do I look like I care
  • YGTBK- you've got to be kidding
Ugh. Things like this make me very afraid for my future as an editor.
12. If you have managed to read thus far, I commend you for your excellent use of Wasting Time Skills. You deserve a cookie.
13. Speaking of cookies... I am very hungry. All I have had to eat today was a (rather fantastic) toast/egg/tomato/cucumber/radish sandwich, which was both delicious and not substantial enough to get me through the day. Why have I not eaten more food?
14. Unless you count a Toblerone chocolate bar, which I do not.
15. The library is cold. Outside is cold. Everywhere is cold... except my bed. Oh, bed, how I miss you!
16. I got a letter from Mandy yesterday! This made me very happy, especially since I wrote her in November but she'd already left the empty sea and apparently they are crap about forwarding letters because she didn't get it until February. Lame sauce. But not lame sauce is that I love Mandy and I'm excited to write her back! Yay.
17. I am in a strange mood.
18. I am leaving the library now and making Mike take me to get food.
19. Goodbye.
20. The end.

P.S. Disclaimer: Probably nobody is going to read this anymore cause it's old, but I just wanted to clarify that I did not already know all of those internet acronyms--I saw one used somewhere and it annoyed me, which prompted me to write about it in the post, which prompted me to look up a list of them online so I could put some even worse ones. That is all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Like Stealing Blogs from Lindsey

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? my first name is short for my grandmother Miriam's name, and my middle name is my great grandmother Kayla's.


3.DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? sometimes! i'm really picky about my handwriting. if i don't like it i'll usually start over on a new page.


5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? not for a while, if i can help it.

6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? probably, yeah. but i think i'd annoy myself.

7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? haha um... no comment.

8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? why yes. yes i do.

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? never. i'd probably pee my pants.

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? corn flakes, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? depends on the shoes. never my chucks. never ever.

12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? i think i'm learning that i am.

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? coldstone coffee lovers only, ben & jerry's half baked and coffee, blue bell peppermint


15. RED OR PINK? depends on what for


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? my family and Lindsey. I talk to my family a lot more than I talk to Lindsey.

18. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? dark blue jeans and no shoes. but when i put my shoes on to leave they'll be brown flats.

19. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? some ridiculously amazing cheesecake with blueberry pancake syrup on it. whoa dang.

20. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? we're watching American Idol

21. IF YOU WHERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? probably blue.. Mike says red but I think he's probably the only one who would say that. :)

22. FAVORITE SMELLS? Mike, really yummy food, outside after it rains


24. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? basketball and football

25. HAIR COLOR? brown

26. EYE COLOR? brown with some gold when I'm in the sun

27. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? yeah, and I hate them

28. FAVORITE FOOD? oh goodness. potatoes, pasta, breads

29. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? definitely happy. i'm a pansy.

30. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? the Invasion. freaked me out! but it was really good.

31. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? a dark purple sweater

32. SUMMER OR WINTER? summer, summer, summer, summer!

33. HUGS OR KISSES? I love them both :)

34. FAVORITE DESSERT? ooh I don't know... usually things that aren't just straight sweet, but with some other kind of flavor in there too. I don't know if that makes sense.

35. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

36. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? I don't have a mouse or a pad

37. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON T.V. LAST NIGHT? nothing on tv. Mike and I watched the Invasion.

38. FAVORITE SOUND? I don't know. I really love listening to rain.



41. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? um... I don't know.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hang on--I feel like I should clarify the quote at the beginning of the Risk post. We played Lord of the Rings Risk, which has the armies divided up into good and evil. Mike and Sherman had tannish and green, and they were the good guys. Liz and I were red and black, and we were the Orc armies. Also we listened to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks while we were playing, and it happened that for a few turns in a row, every time I was attacking someone the really ominous Orc music came up, so the running joke throughout the game was that I was leading the forces of evil. For the record, the forces of evil are so much cooler.

Risk Update!

"Mike blends in with the earth. I blend in with the forests. Liz blends in with the... blood of the soldiers. And Miri blends in with the forces of evil."

So. I learned to play Risk. And it was amazing!

Here's a tip though: When you're about to play a strategic taking-over-the-world game for the first time with three people who've played it for years, and they say "Oh, well, let's just start playing and you'll figure it out," instead of explaining it to you or at least having you read the rule book, here's what you say. You say, "um... no."

Yes, my friends. That is how I learned to play Risk. By "figuring it out" as we went. Which meant that I spent the first half of the game doing practically nothing, because everyone kept attacking me and I had no troops with which to do anything.

I mean, really. Mike went first, and then it was supposed to be my turn, but because I didn't know what was going on yet I told them to go the other direction, meaning I'd go last. They didn't tell me that this meant I would get fewer guys to start out with, already undermining my attacking abilities from the very beginning. And they didn't tell me not to spread my guys all over the board so that I had a bunch of tiny armies that were very easily eradicated. So, that was nice. :)

The bright side was that I wasn't a threat, so everyone stopped paying attention to me after the initial onslaught during which they took all my land, and that gave me free reign to start building my armies back up. The second half of the game was really fun because by that time I'd finally gotten back into the game.

So the moral of the story is, I like Risk! We played until 2:30 in the morning (it was like a 5 hour game) and then we quit without an official winner. To be honest, it probably would have been Liz, because at the time that we stopped she and I had about equal armies left, and Mike and Sherman had pretty much already destroyed each other by that time. Liz is better than I am (obviously, since it was my first time)-- and she's a ridiculously lucky roller, too. Sixes every time.

Also, I'm pretty sure the funnest part of Risk is making an alliance with someone and then attacking them on your next turn. :D

That's all.

Oh, and P.S.-- We're playing again today. :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ah, World Domination...

Today I am going to learn how to play Risk.

Mike has been bugging me to play with him for (and I am not exaggerating here) about a year now, and up until now I've gotten out of it. I'm sure it's a very nice game; I just don't want to learn it (or spend 392048 hours playing it, for that matter).

However, today I am going to play. We have a date with his sister Liz and her... person she's dating, Sherman. We're making dinner together and then playing Risk tonight, and I'm sure it will be fun. However, since Liz is a genius at everything already, I asked Mike if he'll teach me how to play this afternoon so the very first time I play isn't against them.

Now that I think about it, that's probably a bad plan. I SHOULD just wait until tonight, and then no one will be surprised when I lose in five minutes. If I learn beforehand, people might have expectations for me. Hmm...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Today's Stories

1. This morning, after I went to get my teeth cleaned by Christine (yay Christine), Mike and I went to Walmart to get stuff for the breakfast/lunch we wanted to eat. While we were looking at the cucumbers, he said something really cute, and I gave him a kiss. Mind you, we were not making out by the cucumbers. This may seem like an unnecessary clarification but you just wait until you hear what happened next, and then it won't seem so unnecessary. This random lady walked up to us and said, "If you keep kissing like that, you're going to end up with eight kids like I did." She started to walk away, then came back and said, "And then you'll want to commit suicide, like I'm thinking about doing." And she's got this kind of vague smile on her face the whole time, like she's kidding but wants us to think maybe she's not. Really weird.

2. Tonight, as I was leaving Mike's house, my car made a very scary sound. I had to stop driving, get out of the car, look around, get back in the car, start driving again, and stop a couple times to figure it out. Turned out there was a giant block of frozen snow stuck up on top of my tire, and it was just kinda knocking around as I drove. So I had to get out my scraper and use it as a chisel, and I knelt next to my car and pounded away at it until my hands were pretty much frostbitten, and finally I got rid of the chunk of ice. My hands hurt so bad, but really I was glad that it had been something I could identify and fix on my own, instead of something big.

3. Wedding planning is coming along very nicely! It's amazing how you get one thing decided and then suddenly other things start falling into place, even if they're not related. Very nice feeling.

4. I may have overloaded myself this week. I have a 62-page honors thesis to edit for my professor's former student. (On the bright side, it's good experience and I get extra credit for it, and also the paper is comparing the persuasive writing styles of C.S. Lewis and Neal A. Maxwell, which is super interesting.) I have a big project to do for a second part-time job that I am considering. It's like a trial project, and the job is an editing from home job which is pretty perfect for me. But the thesis is due on Wednesday night and the other project is due on Thursday, on top of which I have my job at BYU Studies and my classes and wedding planning/spending time with Mike, which, let's be honest, pretty much takes first priority. Well... I wish it could. Which is what I meant.

5. I really should've been in bed like three hours ago. However, when I came home an hour or so ago, the freaking girls next door were screaming so loud I could hear every word of their conversation. Also, the lights were off in our room, but somehow I don't think Megan was asleep. How could she have been? There was shrieking and shouting going on right by her head. Stupid neighbors. But hopefully they're quiet now, because I really do have to go to bed. I'm exhausted.

6. Goodnight... and good luck.

Monday, February 4, 2008

And One More Thing...

86 days until the wedding!

Picture Picking!

oookay, here's another chance for everyone to get input! i want to know which ones you like the best for the invitations. we're not sure exactly how they're going to look but we know there will probably be one big one and three or four small ones, so everyone can pick your five favorites. if you could also tell me your top three within those five, that'd be great, but it's not a huge deal.

k now don't forget (mom), you can click on the picture to make it bigger. :) and i'm not going to tell you which ones are mike's and my favorites yet. i want unbiased opinions. also this is not anywhere near all of them, these are just the top tier. k.

ready, go!