Sunday, April 29, 2007

Noun: Scooter, Verb: to Scoot

So today was really fun. Mike and I have been getting sick of doing the same old things all the time, so today we decided to go to Toys R Us and buy the scooters that were on sale there. (They're Hot Wheels and they have flames on them, and they're basically amazing.) So we took them down to the lake and rode them for like an hour along some path that's by the river there. I was hesitant to buy the scooters, cause I thought I'd feel pretty ridiculous riding them around, but it ended up being so fun and I was really glad we got them. Then when I brought them home Mandy was really excited about them, so she and Mike and I went and played in the parking lot with them. We had no shoes on so it kinda hurt our feet, not to mention making them really dirty, but it was great. I stole Mandy's camera to take a few pictures to commemorate the occasion.
So the scootering was fantastic. I've been writing this post for like an hour while I'm watching an episode of Gilmore girls, and apparently I don't have as much to say as I thought I did because I can't focus. I think I'm done writing now. Yay for scooter pictures.

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Empty Apartment

Three of my five roommates live close enough that they can go home basically whenever they want. I am happy for them, because I'm sure it's nice to have their families nearby. But I wish they wouldn't all leave at the same time. The apartment is really lame and quiet and lonely when they're all gone. Jennie went home Tuesday, Megan went home yesterday, and Lili I think went home last night even though she'd told me before that she'd be staying here for the rest of the week. It's probably weird for her that Mandy's family is here and Caitlin is staying in their room. And I saw her earlier today for a couple minutes, but that's all. I think she's probably at her house again tonight, because it's 2 am and I haven't heard her come in.
To be fair, Mandy is still here, and I do love her family. But I can only hang out with them so much, you know? And I do have Mike, but only between the hours of 3/4ish to 9/10ish. Which leaves me a lot of time, especially at night, to myself. I finished two books yesterday and one today, and now I've started three others. Also I watched three episodes of Gilmore girls earlier. I think that is all I will say on the subject.
In other news, Glenwood has surprised me yet again. I have to give them credit for this, you see, because they continue to surprise me even when I think that they can sink no lower. I came home today to find a notice on our door stating that, starting this summer, phone service will no longer be included in the $10 monthly communications fee. This fee will remain intact, of course, basically meaning that it's solely for the really amazing internet service that we get. The note on the door gave the number for Qwest, saying that if we want to have an apartment phone we're now responsible for getting it ourselves. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why no one has punched them in the face yet. So obviously I haven't had a chance to talk to my roommates about it yet, but I'm thinking that we should just not bother with an apartment phone for spring term, since all four of us who will be here have cell phones and don't really need it, and I have no intention of paying for a service I don't need. Stupid, useless Glenwood.
Also, after hearing Sam and Jared's horror story about their apartment yesterday (when they came over so Sam could use our shower), I've decided that I'm really sick of Provo housing in general. It seems that no matter how fantastic an apartment seems, or how optimistic your view is of it, you will somehow be screwed over in one way or another. Apartments here are a nightmare, and the thing is that no one cares because all the landlords know that they'll have tenants no matter how they treat them, since there's this awesome little rule about being forced to live in BYU-approved housing that makes it very convenient for them and very sucky for us. It's the most ridiculous thing ever.
In addition to the horrendous nature of Provo housing, I've also been thinking about how jealous I am of Mandy and Sam and Kristina and Stacia and any of my other friends who are graduating. Remember how I used to be afraid to graduate, how I was in love with school and never wanted to leave? Yeah, that's over. When I came back to school this semester I finally realized that I am so done with school, that I can't wait to graduate. But now, after three years of digging my own grave because I thought I wanted to be in school forever, I have to climb OUT of that grave and finish nearly half of my major classes in one year. Curse my indecision and idealization of the college life. I'm just ready to be done.
Well, this was not supposed to actually be a full-on blogging session. I can't even remember what I got on to write about, but now that I've written about everything in the world that I can think of, I'm going to go to bed because I have to make sure I'm up in the morning to do all the cleaning things that we all failed on our check-out yesterday because Sissy is a Nazi and also mean and is coming for a re-check tomorrow (which I suppose makes her less of a Nazi because technically she said that she wasn't going to be doing any re-checks, but she's doing one for us instead of just fining us, which is nice). I'm still going to complain about it, though, because I'm the lucky one who gets to redo all of everyone else's jobs. Lame sauce.
K I'm really done now. The end.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me...

...and also to Megan! Tonight is the second anniversary of the night Megan and I met and became friends. We decided to celebrate it last year, and since we'll probably have another anniversary after this one, I'd say it makes sense to have a celebration. Our tradition now is to celebrate on the day before Megan leaves for home after the winter semester, because that's when we met. As part of this celebration, we watch the movie that we watched that night. It's called My Man Godfrey, and it was very late the first time we watched it and the movie was very funny. Especially my favorite line:
"I just read about a man who tried to drown his wife."
"Maybe it was the only way he could get her to take a bath."
Hahaha! Perhaps this is one of those things that is funny only after midnight, but since that's when we start our celebration anyway, it all works out. Hooray for anniversary celebrations and hooray for becoming such good friends with Megan and finding a great roommate.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pure, Unadulterated Genius

I have discovered a way of tricking myself into not feeling that normal sense of dragging-my-feet-ness that I usually get when I'm writing a paper. I have this weird thing about the font that I type in-- I get bored with Times New Roman, so sometimes I like to type up my papers in a ridiculous font while they're in progress and then change them back just before I have to print them.
Well, tonight I decided to write my term paper in the same font that I use on my blog, and it's totally working! I feel almost like I'm just writing on my blog instead of writing a paper that is not at all exciting.
Like I said. I am a genius. :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I miss Lindsey a lot tonight.
I've been trying to do both my Settlers/High School Musical page and my Vegas page in my giant journal for the past couple weeks, so I've been thinking randomly about those parts of last year when I spent basically all my time with Lindsey and Curt. Also, tonight we had a ridiculous roommate weirdness night in the living room after finishing watching Sense & Sensibility, and Jennie kept commenting on how Lindsey would have loved our silliness and how we missed her. And then we decided to create a Facebook group of our insanity so that we could share it with her, after which Megan and I spent over an hour finding old pictures of scandalisticness to put in the photo album for the group. Then I looked at Lindsey's Facebook profile and saw her giant journal pages and they made me miss her even more. It's very sad, and I thought I should write about it because that is what blogs were made for.
Lindsey dear, I am jealous that you're going to England and also sad that you can't be coming here instead. But not that I would deprive you of going to England, because I wouldn't. But I am still jealous and sad that you're not coming here. And would you have it any other way? :)
So basically what it comes down to is that... I <3 Lindsey lou who. The end.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tonight's Playlist called Way Intense Minor Keys. I'm in one of those moods that I sometimes get into where all I want to listen to is songs that are... well, way intense minor keys. Those ones that just make you want to cry, or get so loud you think your eardrums will explode. Unfortunately I had a hard time finding ones that were satisfyingly intense, so some of the songs in this playlist are not actually going to stay there. But I've spent over an hour working on this when I have a term paper to be writing, so I don't think I can justify any more time to perfect it.

1. Can't Take It- All American Rejects
2. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely- Backstreet Boys
3. Incomplete- Backstreet Boys
4. The Luckiest- Ben Folds
5. Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)- Billy Joel
6. Hurt- Christina Aguilera
7. My Immortal- Evanescence
8. Mr. Curiosity- Jason Mraz
9. Absolutely Zero- Jason Mraz
10. You Belong to Me- Jason Wade
11. Foolish Games- Jewel
12. Hurt- Johnny Cash
13. Let Me Fall- Josh Groban
14. Because of You- Kelly Clarkson
15. Overcome- Live
16. El Tango de Roxanne- Moulin Rouge
17. Apocalypse Please -Muse (17- 23 are all Muse)
18. Endlessly
19. Sing for Absolution
20. Ruled by Secrecy
21. Knights of Cydonia
22. Time is Running Out
23. Micro Cuts
24. You Won't Be Mine- Matchbox Twenty
25. Without You- Clay Aiken
26. I Don't Want to Live Without Your Love- Chicago
27. Uninvited- Alanis Morissette
28. Canto Alla Vita- some popera people
29. Without You- Dixie Chicks
30. Hello- Evanescence
31. Taking Over Me- Evanescence
32. Going Under- Evanescence
33. Remember When it Rained
34. I Remember- Damien Rice
35. Black Mirror- Arcade Fire
36. City of Delusion- Muse
37. Broken- Seether
38. Unbreak My Heart- Toni Braxton

Some of those are probably going to get taken off the next time I plug my iPod into my computer, because even as I was typing them out I realized I didn't want them on there... Toni Braxton, for example, and Chicago... and numbers 2-5. I like all those songs, and they are in minor keys, but they don't quite fit the mood I'm going for here.
So this playlist probably looks kinda depressing, but it's not to me. I mean, I don't listen to songs like this when I'm in the best of moods, but listening to them actually makes me feel better. I think by indulging the moodiness I end up feeling better... if that makes sense. But wow, if you want to know what kind of music I like the most, listen to Muse, especially Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations. Those albums are fantastic, and I think I have seven or eight songs from there on this playlist. There are plenty of others on those albums that I like too, so they're not all just depressing and moody. :)
And now I can no longer avoid the call of my term paper. But if I'm going to be completely honest, probably what I'm going to do is get started, do a bit of an outline, and then go to the living room and giant journal when Lili and Jeff leave at midnight. I shouldn't, really, because I have to get up to campus earlier tomorrow than I did today, which means I have to actually wake myself up before, like, 9:00. And based on how hard it was for me to get up this morning, that will be no small task. But I'll probably stay up anyway, because that's just what will end up happening. I = not awesome. As the new title of my blog indicates. :) (I'm not sure if that's going to be staying, by the way. I kinda think I like apocalypse please better. But it's so true... I guess we'll see.)
And now the rambling must end. Goodbye.

Monday, April 16, 2007

So I kinda cut myself off in the middle of that last post, but I started thinking about other stuff and it didn't go with that post at all. So here we are.
And here's what I figure... Mike doesn't read this blog anyway, so I can write whatever I'm thinking and if I need to whine about him that's ok, because he won't know. :)
Last night we talked and decided that we were going to start thinking about a wedding in more concrete terms--as in maybe December. Because waiting an entire year is not an awesome plan for us, which is why we had that conversation to begin with. So then today we were supposed to talk about some of the bigger questions, where being the biggest one. And then he tells me that he's not actually ready to get married in December, there are things he wants to do first, he doesn't want a winter wedding, he thinks we should wait until spring, he wants to live by himself first, he wants to turn 21, blah blah freakin' blah. Awesome. So why did we start talking about it to begin with? I mean, that's the whole reason I brought it up last night. I felt like we needed to have a more specific time that we were shooting for because that'll make things easier. So he agreed with me, and then the next day promptly changed his mind. Grr.
My mom's reaction wasn't super encouraging either, when I told her we'd talked about December. You know, I understand that it's a big thing, but honestly, what does everyone think we should wait for? Yes, it'll be really nice to graduate first if we do end up waiting until spring. But that's my own personal preference, and it's not like it wouldn't work if we were married for a semester while I was still in school. It's not like half the population of Provo doesn't do the exact same thing. And yes, it'll be nice to get married in the spring instead of winter. But once again, personal preference. Does that really matter? Is that going to be something we care about in 15 years? I understand that Mike doesn't think he's ready to get married, and that he'd like to be 21 when he gets married. Is the number really important? Is he going to turn 21 and magically be prepared for marriage? Is he really going to feel ready when he turns 21? I don't feel ready now! Good gravy, what is he expecting? He's trying to come up with all these different excuses and to be honest, none of them are really good reasons for putting off a wedding. It comes down to the commitment issue and I'm pretty sure that's all it is. Freakin' boys. Sometimes they're so useless, I swear.

Me Monsters and Moon Walkers

So I just watched the Brian Regan DVD with Megan, Jayson, and Chris. You know that part where he's talking about the me monsters, the people who'll never let you finish a story because apparently their entire purpose in life is to show you up, and of course they have one that tops yours? I was thinking tonight about how I've always hated it when people do that. I hate when you're telling someone something and they either interrupt you with their own story or they wait until you're finished and then say "Well at least you didn't..." or "Well one time I..." and then proceed to tell you that what you're complaining about isn't nearly as bad as what they've had to go through.
I really hate it when people do that. I usually ignore them after that, to be honest, because what I really want to say is something like "You know what? I don't actually care. The purpose of my story was not to gain your respect or pity because I think that I have the hardest life any human being has ever had and nothing anyone else can say can make my life seem better than it is. No. The reason I was talking to you just know was that I consider us friends, and clearly I'm having a hard time with something and sometimes it helps to talk about things so I was hoping that that would be the case here. I don't appreciate your story, and I don't appreciate your need to show me up. Thanks."
Sometimes people are lame.
Here's something completely unlame though: Mike just gave me the Curious George soundtrack, which is absolutely fantastic. I like Jack Johnson so much now, and I'm glad, because I used to not really be a fan of his. I also love that he has a song with Ben Harper on this CD. I seem to remember there being a song the two of them did together that I could never find on iTunes or anything and being distressed about it cause I liked it a lot.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Home Stretch

76. I own hooker boots. Black shiny leather, stiletto heel, pointy toe. Pretty much Cruella de Vil.

77. The only R-rated movie I've ever seen unedited is Schindler's List, which I actually own. I've had people tell me I'm just rationalizing when I say it's ok for me to watch that one, and to that I really don't have anything to say. I don't think R-rated movies are okay, but if you know me and you don't see why this is different... well, I don't feel like I need to explain myself. To each his own.

78. I love Disney movies! Especially the older ones. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite, and then Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin. It's not animated, but Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies ever.

79. I can't write with markers without getting them all over my fingers.

80. I really love bright colors-- in my clothes, my bedroom, giant journal pages, pictures, etc. I don't wear bright colors as much as I used to, but still a lot.

81. I own three pairs of Chucks: pink, green, and black. The pink ones were my first, the black ones are my favorite, and the green ones are hi-tops and therefore awesome. But the pink and green are a size bigger than the black because I discovered that I actually fit into 4's after I'd already bought the first two.

82. My next Chucks are going to be brown, and then maybe red or blue.

83. I love buying shoes. They are my favorite article of clothing to buy now.

84. I can't balance on a skateboard to save my life. I told Mike he can try to teach me, but I have terrible balance anyway, so I'm not foreseeing a successful endeavor.

85. I took five years of Spanish, from seventh grade through my junior year of high school. I can't speak it conversationally, but I remember enough to mess me up when I'm trying to learn Hebrew.

86. My mom's stepfather was in Auschwitz, and her mother's family was hidden in a convent in Italy during the Holocaust.

87. My dad's sister Angela is an opera singer and--within the past few years--a really amazing sculptor. Her website's in my list of links, and you should look at them because they are really incredible sculptures. They're all of Christ and you won't believe that she had never even thought of sculpting before like five years ago or whenever it was, when she just... started.

88. My uncle Warner actually got a 36 on the ACT. Scary.

89. I got a 36 in the two English sections on the ACT, which I can't remember the names of right now, but then my score in the math section killed my composite. Sigh.

90. I took Music Theory in high school and loved it. I wanted to take it here, but when I looked at the courses you had to take three separate ones (9 credits) all at once, and if you're not a Music major that's basically impossible.

91. The first time I saw Monty Python was in a high school English class, but thank goodness that didn't ruin it for me.

92. When I was in fifth grade, my best friend was Manuel Quiles. He used to bring a Calvin and Hobbes comic book to school, and we'd sit and read it together before class started. Then, when we were saying the pledge of allegiance, we'd mouth "watermelon" instead. Don't ask why.

93. I don't think the singing hamburger part of Better Off Dead is funny.

94. "Moonlight Sonata" is one of my favorite pieces to play on the piano, especially when I'm upset about something. It's one of the first two classical pieces I learned to play (the other is "Fur Elise") and it's one of the ones I can play the best. It always makes me feel better.

95. I don't like taking baths, but I sometimes do when I'm really super hysterically upset about something. Then I get the water really hot, turn off the lights, and listen to Beethoven until I'm about to fall asleep or the water gets cold.

96. My aunt Miki and I are really alike in our interests. One of my good memories from the summer between my sophomore and junior years up here was when we went to Half-Priced Books together and just shopped around for a while. I love talking about books and classes and things with her, and it's really cool to get her perspective on them.

97. No offense to anyone who reads this one, but I am very bitter about money. I hate it with a passion, and I get really angry when I see people who just have everything handed to them. I've had a job since my junior year in high school, and I've had problems with money since I started college. I can't get scholarships or grants, like pretty much everyone I know here does. My dad has a really good job, and my parents help me as much as they can, but they can't afford to pay for my college and buy me a laptop and an iPod and a car and a digital camera and a cell phone and my groceries and pay my rent and my insurance and take me shopping just for kicks every time I go home. Sometimes they cover things like insurance for me when I can't, but I'm supposed to pay for all this myself. Maybe it's because I happen to know a lot of people who are the youngest in their families, but it's still really hard for me to see them like that when I'm always stressed about money and I know I'm probably going to be paying for this education for the next 40 years of my life.

98. I have scoliosis. Most people don't notice, but you can tell if you know to look. My spine curves at the bottom, so my left shoulder is higher than my right.

99. One day I'd like to get Lasik, but I'm a little scared to do it. All I know is I hate both contacts and glasses, and it'd be so nice to not have to deal with them.

100. The "n" key is completely rubbed out on my keyboard. I'm not sure why that is, because I know "n" isn't used the most, but I think it's because I touch that key with the index finger of my right hand, which is pretty much the strongest of all my fingers.

Monday, April 9, 2007


51. I love steamed cauliflower and broccoli.

52. My parents went to a bar last night and when my mom was telling me about it she sounded SO PROUD of herself. It made me really happy. (Colleague's birthday party or something, not like my parents are party animals.)

53. Love Spell is my favorite scent to wear.

54. Aqua di Gio and Chrome are two of my favorite colognes. Curve makes me sick to my stomach.

55. I always have a can of chicken noodle soup in my cupboard for those days when I'm just feeling crappy. Obviously homemade is better, but since I don't have my mom here and I'm sure not going to cook for myself when I'm sick, it's really nice to have it there as my safety.

56. I only went to EFY once, and it was the summer after I graduated from high school. I'd never heard of it until that year, so it was a really big deal.

57. I like Guitar Hero better than Dance Dance Revolution.

58. Curly hair like mine should not be short, and here's how I know: when I was eight my hair was a really big mess because I wouldn't let my mom take care of it anymore but I didn't know how to either, so eventually my mom just made me cut it. Up to my ears. It was terrible, exactly like a pyramid on my head. Basically the worst haircut ever.

59. My home ward used to do mini missions when I was a Beehive. They stopped because they were too much work, but they were a lot of fun. We'd be "missionaries" for a few days-- we'd meet at the church and do the whole MTC thing with our parents leaving us, and then we'd get paired up and find out where we were going. I went to Japan once and I think Australia the second time. They had us stay with someone in the ward who'd gone on a mission to that place, and we'd go out "tracting" with the host family in a car following us down the street. Good times.

60. There are two country songs I absolutely cannot listen to: Skin (Sarabeth) by Rascal Flatts and Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. Ew.

61. I usually have to roll over at least once before I can fall asleep. I get into bed lying on one side, and then I have to roll over to the other side to fall asleep.

62. I've wanted to play the guitar since I was ten and my mom had an acoustic one in her room, but she never learned and I've had several failed attempts myself since then.

63. The reason is that I'm too impatient with sucking. I want to be able to play RIGHT NOW, without my fingers killing me and without sounding terrible.

64. I hate my alarm clock. It still goes off at 9:00 and I can't make it stop. So I turned it off.

65. Most of those little earbud headphones hurt my ears, no matter what kind they are.

66. I have 36 first cousins, 38 if you count the ones Kevin and Ginnie just adopted. This doesn't sound like as many as it is. Including my siblings and me, that means my grandmother has 44 grandchildren.

67. I already have 27 second cousins, and based on the cousins I have left who haven't gotten married and my siblings and me, my mom and I figured that there will be over 100 in that generation once we all have our kids.

68. I love having a really big family. I would like to hold off on kids for a year or two after I'm married if possible, but once I do have them I want a lot. At least six. And I want to live relatively near to my siblings because one of the greatest parts of my childhood was having lots of cousins really close by, and I want my kids to have that experience.

69. I suck at remembering to floss.

70. I almost never paint my nails anymore, and when I do it's just my toenails. I stopped painting my fingernails a few years ago.

71. I think smoking is really gross, and I just bought a used DVD today that smells like cigarette smoke. No bueno.

72. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to drink. I would probably like margaritas and daiquiris and all those other fruity drinks. I would not, however, like beer, which smells funny, or whiskey or tequila or the other hard liquors. They sound gross. I'd have to make myself like wine, because I've heard it doesn't taste so hot at first, but that's one I'd want to drink. For the antioxidants, of course. And also because I think it looks pretty. Maybe not champagne though, I'm not a fan of bubbliness. So yeah. Did I mention smoking is gross?

73. I saw 50 First Dates tonight and I really liked it. Rob Schneider is absolutely disgusting in it, but Adam Sandler is surprisingly cute and Drew Barrymore is really good. So sweet.

74. I don't have normal celebrity crushes. John Cusack is the only one I've had for more than a few months since I was 15. I think it's because the characters he plays are always the kind of guy I would fall in love with (Must Love Dogs, Runaway Jury, Serendipity, Say Anything. Probably his others, too, but I haven't seen them all.). Also he was the voice of Dmitri in Anastasia. I had a minor celebrity crush on Kiefer Sutherland for a while, but that didn't last long. I really like Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson, but they're not crushes.

75. Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman/Julia Roberts (they're slightly less favorite, and they trade off with each other) are my favorite actresses. I think Reese Witherspoon is one of the most gorgeous people on the planet.

Yay I made it! This section was easier once I got going, so maybe I won't have such a hard time with the last 25. Now that I think about it, I could probably keep going after I hit 100... but we'll have to see. I don't know that that would be something everyone would want to see. :)

Trying to Fit the World Inside a Picture Frame

Frustrated, overwhelmed, and sick of school. I don't know how to finish this project in time and it seems like I'm not only not making progress, things keep happening that mess everything up and I'm basically going backward. And now that my whole file is messed up and I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, I'm going to post pretty pictures on here instead, so I don't have to think about how sick of this project I am.

I love the Dallas skyline. It symbolizes home to me, even though I live 40 minutes from it.

I've always loved Jack Vettriano paintings, and this is one of my favorites.

I definitely need to figure out what's going on with myself, because all I want to do lately is be at home, listen to music, read, giant journal, watch movies, and be with Mike. I keep thinking there are only a couple more weeks until school is out and then everything will be better, but I'll be taking classes and working again in the summer, and for the next year at least until I'm done with school. And then after school there's just more work for the rest of my life. So it's not like I can tell myself I just need to hang on for (x amount of time) longer and then I'll get a break, because I won't. Pretty much no more breaks for the rest of my life. Because the only time when I won't have to work will be once I have kids, and then-- well, I don't even need to talk about how much work kids are, and being pregnant is not at the top of my list of relaxing things. What is it that I think I'm looking for? I don't even know.

I like pretty colors.And also mountains. I love love love mountains, especially when they're green like this.

These poppies look like they should be made of plastic. Also, the word poppies makes me think of the Wizard of Oz. Which is a really weird movie. I watched it a week or so ago for the first time in years and I don't know how much I like it now, to be honest.

I pretty much love this picture.

I guess I should get back to my project and all my other assignments. I don't want to though. Mike's home from work now and taking a nap, and what I want to do instead is go take a nap myself, or go take one with him. I don't like that it's cold outside today. I guess it's not really cold, but it's not hot, and I've been freezing all day. I need the sun.

I'm done now. Sorry if you actually read all that whining. If you skipped everything and just looked at the pictures... well, good work. That's what I would have done too. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Question of the Ages...

why am i awake right now? and on my computer, instead of sleeping in my bed, where i'm already sitting? the world may never know.

Friday, April 6, 2007

See the jungle when it's wet with rain...

100 Things Continued:

26. The title of this post (connected with the last one) is one of my very favorite lines from a song ever.

27. It wasn't until my junior year of college that I learned that it IS possible for me to blow dry my hair without looking like a poodle who got electrocuted. Now I love doing it.

28. Nearly everything in Megan's and my bedroom matches, and we didn't even plan it that way. The blue and green of the walls is the same blue and green of both our bedspreads, bought independently of each other; i have a lamp that is green and she has a lamp that is blue and green and striped; she has a picture of President Hinckley in a bright green frame and a bowl from Color Me Mine that is also blue and green; one of my pillowcases is bright green; not to mention the fact that half our wardrobes match because blue and green are both our favorite colors. Needless to say, our room = a-may-zing.

29. My shower curtain is a map of the world. I love love luuuuuurve it, and have used it to study for tests.

30. I generally don't like frosting on cake, unless the cake is really dry or the frosting is whipped cream, which isn't actually a frosting. I love whipped cream.

31. Speaking of cakes- I've had the same birthday cake every single year of my life, and I probably will for the rest of my life too. It's this amazing Israeli cake my mom makes- a white round cake soaked in peach juice, with peaches and strawberry Jello on top and then whipped cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm it's soo so good. It's the only cake I'll eat on my birthday. Yummmy. :)

32. I keep spare change in a pink baby bottle that I was given during my fourth year at Girls' Camp.

33. I usually use my phone as my alarm clock.

34. One day a couple weeks ago I actually used my alarm clock as an alarm clock, and since then it goes off every day at 9:00. I can't figure out how to make it stop.

35. I've discovered that I love coffee ice cream and Heath bars. Yummy.

36. I had a purse fetish the last couple years of high school through the first couple years of college. I think I own more purses than pairs of jeans.

37. I am ridiculous about buying books and movies. I love very few things more than going to Barnes & Noble or Borders or some movie store and coming home with new additions for my bookshelves.

38. I love that Victoria's Secret perfume, Very Sexy, but it gives me a headache if I wear it myself. Very sad.

39. I had braces for four years and I've worn glasses since second grade.

40. In junior high I was so self-conscious that sometimes I'd hide out in the bathrooms until class was over rather than walking in during the middle and having everyone look at me.

41. I wasn't allowed to watch very much TV when I was little, so I never saw Saved by the Bell, TMNT, and all those other shows everyone else watched in the 80s and 90s. Instead I watched Israeli Sesame Street and Hebrew singalongs. Before I went to preschool I actually spoke Hebrew better than I spoke English.

42. I've never had a pet other than a dog. My brother had a ferret for a little while, and I think hamsters once, but the ferret smelled horrendously and the hamsters eventually died. The only family pets we've ever had have been dogs.

43. I'm afraid of the dark, bugs, the ocean, going up stairs when someone's behind me, being the focus of attention, and being left alone.

44. I alphabetize my movies, but not my books. I like to arrange my books by how much I like them and what size they are-- not necessarily biggest to smallest, but just the right mix.

45. I went to Vegas for the first time last summer and took lots of ridiculous pictures. We pretty much roasted the entire time. Also, we saw that really tall guy from Everybody Loves Raymond. I think I was the only one who actually saw him, but we went right past him on the escalator.

46. I have a really hot boyfriend. He has adorable cheeks.

47. He didn't tell me to put that.

48. I'm kind of a music chameleon. Well, sort of. I tend to make friends who really like giving their music to other people (Megan and Mike) and I find myself really liking a lot of their stuff. But not all of it, which is why I'm not really a chameleon. I guess I just really like new music. Which actually isn't true... I'm not sure why that is then.

49. I have no idea how I'm going to think of 50 more things for this list. I'm already stretching.

50. I'm named after two ancestors: my Italian grandmother, Miriam, and my Russian great- grandmother Kayla. (None of my siblings are named after relatives. I'm the specialest. :P)